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Player Information
Player Name Fiona Contact [ profile] harrenhal | fi#6003
AKA reynard, probably just this asshole lbr
Character Basics
Character Name Remus Series/Canon OC
AU/PG/Canon Point Court Game(s) [community profile] quietmounds
Canon Details was in Court for a good long while before heading home to take care of somethings, got his ass handed to him, and now he's here
Character Details
Age 2k/physically 17, is good at presenting as older Hair/Eyes black hair, ~dark violet~ eyes
Height/Weight 5'8", thin Notable Traits deathly pale skin, no heartbeat, too pretty to live, fucking perfect hair
15 Second Summary Remus was the redheaded stepchild of the most elite vampire bloodline of his world until he stole a very small political prisoner and sold out his species for his own gain. Life was fine after that until it wasn't, but Remus persevered— except when he didn't. His current status is that of a beleaguered old man who's only kept going by his gratuitous drug & alcohol usage and staggering amounts of guilt. Despite this, he staunchly refuses to be cynical, and has a high (if complicated) opinion of humanity.
Quiet Mounds
Living apartments Working ???
There Since new arrival Starter Pack The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
Clothing Remus' style ranges between lookbook hipster worthy (when someone else is dressing him) to stuff he most definitely found at a garage sale. His hair is almost always put up in some fashion, and usually looks better than the average manbun. He tends to wear more layers than are ever really necessary, and also crossdresses on the regular. For fun. He's good at it.
Abilities & Permissions
Abilities He's a custom vampire cocktail that includes but is not limited to super senses, strength, mind control, and looking good in black.
Permissions I don't have any hard 'nos' myself but I will always reach out to people before initiating shenanigans.
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[you find yourself, perhaps oddly, being ushered through a set of solid wooden doors. 'the rest of the house if off limits, of course, you'll understand.' it would be quite awkward if you walked in on something private, as this still is someone's home.

the private gallery, however, is quite impressive. the lighting is wonderful and the decorations of the rooms are of good quality but minimal, leaving the pieces of art to stand as the clear centers of attention.

if you're more familiar with art, however, you may notice that some of these pieces ... are too well known. they should not be in a private gallery. in fact, the longer you ruminate on it, you may also come to ponder how you came to be in this gallery in the first place— weren't you just somewhere else, doing something different?

oh well. you'll have time to ruminate on that later, maybe. right now you can either examine the art, or perhaps approach the short, ginger-haired girl putting out floral arrangements. which do you do?]
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the house that dripped blood )
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before anything i think i should state this was my first time running/writing a heart game so. yeah things were rough. thanks to everyone who played!!

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Name Remus ([personal profile] conatus OC)
Rank Bishop
SILVER some!

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES appearance!! 5'8". His skin is noticeably pale, and his body language is very relaxed and non-aggressive. If you know about the vampire thing and you're alone with him, his movements will change; dropping the breathing and blinking that he does for show and general movements becoming inhumanly smooth and graceful. He's also way less warm than a human to the touch, though it varies on how long it's been since he's last fed fresh.

PSYCHIC NOTES Vampire, really fucking old, his body's also dead. Lots and lots of self-loathing and value issues, weird views of humans and humanity.
☆ fire
☆ feeding off someone
☆ teaching someone a new skill
☆ putting up other people's hair
☆ giving advice
☆ talking about his children
☆ spooning/cuddling
☆ using glamour
pleasing Master
☆ crossdressing
★ getting off
★ casual sex/sex as a means to an end
★ taking care of others
★ successfully manipulating someone
★ meatshield

he's a vampire. you should probably holla @ this for more on that.

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